DeLeon High School students received CPR and AED training Thursday from Comanche County Hospital District emergency physician Dr. Jason Hubbard and registered nurse Trey Jordan. Under House Bill 5, all secondary school students in Texas are required to have a course in CPR/AED during their high school careers, and under the Affordable Care Act, medical centers are required to perform hours of community service to qualify for some government funding. DHS teachers Chuck Jordan and Alexandria Cooper teamed up with the medical staff to deliver training to high school students.

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    Meet our new CEO, Jim Christensen

    Jim hails from Kentucky and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in hospital management.  His desire to build a strong foundation for our hospital, making it stable and reliable for years to come is evident in everything task he assumes.  Jim has already made a positive impact on this hospital and we have no doubt that will spread past the hospital and into the surrounding communities.

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